Why I’m here

My heaviest weight of 400 lbs. This was taken after I recovered after a car accident. My recovery would have probably been much easier if my weight hadn’t been so high.

This site is to document my journey on the way to happiness, if for nothing else than just to hold myself more accountable. Happiness means a lot of things to different people. For me, my happiness is tied directly to my weight. I have missed out on so many things in life because of my weight and, at 35 years old, I’m ready to start living. I don’t want to avoid going places and doing things because I literally won’t fit such as airplane seats, amusement parks, and even small, cozy restaurants where space is limited and cramped. I want to be able to go on walks with my husband without getting tired within the first mile. I want to shop for clothes without stepping foot in the dreaded plus size section, which by the way makes up such a pitiful percentage of most stores’ floor-plans it makes me angry and sad. But that will probably be another post, lol.

For the most part, my content will be related to weight loss and everything that encompasses – healthy recipes, before & after photos, milestones, etc. – but there will be posts about other things that make me happy. A new book. Photos of our adorable, crazy cats. Nature photography. I also am an avid arts & crafts enthusiast with my own Etsy shop, http://velvetpixiecreations.etsy.com, and may occasionally share things related to that, but it will be kept to a minimum. This page is more for my own development, not to sell my creations. I have an Instagram account for that exact purpose.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey.

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