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50 Pounds Gone!

The title pretty much says it all. I am feeling so many things right now. Elation. Pride. Fulfillment. Too many happy things to list out. It has taken me over a year to lose it, thanks to a complete 180° turnaround where I gave up for almost six months . Of course, I would have […]

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3-Month Update

Popping in for a quick update since I realized I haven’t posted since the end of May. Oops. I’ll get the number out of the way first, since I’m sure that’s what most people are curious about. I am down 30 lbs in just over 3 months. (Total since starting my keto journey is 45 […]

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First Month (Back) on Keto

I restarted my keto journey on April 26th which means today is my 30-day milestone. I’ll start with the number that everyone will want to know: 10. I’ve only lost ten pounds in this first month, which will probably seem really low to a lot of you reading this – especially since my weight is […]

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